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Screen Printing

Screen printing is a traditional process that involves using a mesh-based stencil to transfer ink to a substrate. A screen is made by attaching mesh to a frame and placing a stencil underneath. Using a blade or squeegee, ink is moved across the screen and forced through the mesh and onto the printing surface to create an image, pattern or text. It produces a pre-digital quality that is ideally suited to textile printing, but can be used in any medium.

It requires incredibly precise machinery (or a very steady hand!) to make sure that the colours register (or match) each other. Screen printing is also still sometimes called silk screen because in the early days of screen printing silk was used, exploiting its high tensile strength, but nowadays synthetic fibres – usually polyester – are used to form the mesh. Also known as silk screen printing, serigraphy or serigraph printing, each colour is applied individually to ensure colour consistency. Screen printing is an effective way to achieve superior colour vibrancy and produces superb results on a range of surfaces.

We constantly invest in the most modern machinery that can produce high quality screen printed, banners, signage and all other types of printing, with absolute consistency and ever increasing efficiency. As well as it being our work, it is our interest too, so you know you’ll be dealing with someone who cares about what they do. We’re confident that we can produce just the result you have in mind and would be happy to show you examples of past work that we have completed.

At Genesis Display Ltd, we offer a range of printing services, including packaging and digital printing, for individuals and businesses in Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, and throughout the West Midlands. To learn more about our products or to receive a quote, contact us today.

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